Product                    Pressure Gauge.


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The newest venture into the world of smart gadgets has led to the creation of the smart pressure gauge, the Ogauge.  A gauge capable of remote operation, data logging, measuring multiple parameters and so much more... is a major leap in the industry of pressure gauges. A one-stop choice for all your needs.


















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User Access


Ogauge defines three roles for security purposes, each with an increasing access to gauge configuration. These roles are Administrator (admin), Operator and Viewer. Each role has different rights allotted to it when it comes to the gauge operation and control. These rights are controlled by 

  • a 4 digit pin when using the keypad on the guage
  • a password when using the mobile app and login password when using a dashboard in cloud.




  • Wi-Fi Connectivity - Hassle-free WiFi connection provides easy calibration, live stats, thorough analysis and downloadable data logs.
  • BLE Connectivity -  Distance is not a problem when using our Bluetooth-enabled app for remote operations.
  • Dashboard - A dedicated dashboard - One platform for all Ogauge devices.
  • Device Privacy - The provision of different types of access makes it highly secure.
  • OLED Display - Experience clarity with wider viewing angles on a color-rich screen.
  • Cloud Connect  - The revolutionary cloud connect feature logs the data at regular intervals for future perusal over WiFi.