Product                  Mining and bulk material handling processes


We provide a multi-purpose solution family that covers real-time filling height control, 2D and 3D stockpile visualizations


Machine positioning with mm accuracy, speed and volume flow control for conveyor belts, and much more. All of our solutions can easily be combined to fit your specific requirements in one modular solution package.

 It is widely known that radar is the best-suited technology for the harsh environmental conditions in mining and other heavy industries. This was the starting point for indurad and time has proven us right: To this day, indurad has not had a single case of sensor failure caused by conditions that usually take laser, ultrasonic or other sensors out of the game.


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indurad – Industrial Radar

The first iDRR™ (indurad DualRangeRadar) prototype was a 77 GHz sensor with an opening angle of +/- 25°. This opening angle and the sweeping function gave the sensor a unique 3D measurement area. The iDRR™ is a prime example of how indurad utilizes radar: the secret lies in the combination of high-end R&D in signal processing with robust mechanical engineering that makes indurad sensors stand out in the world of industrial automation.


Usability in Harsh Conditions

The indurad company is a spin-off of a research project based at the University of Aachen (RWTH). It started in 2003 with the aim of testing various technologies for use in mining – specifically for 3D surface scanning under harsh conditions. Those tests have clearly shown that radar was the best suited among laser, ultrasonic and other technologies for the conditions to be expected in mining and other heavy industries – dirt, rain, fog, snow, high and low temperatures. Time has proven us right: To this day, indurad has not had a single case of sensor failure due to conditions that usually take other sensors out of the game.