We Approach Process Automation and Control System Installation Ensures:

  • Minimal interference with runtime

  • Fieldwork is accomplished with 100% dedicated in-plant supervision

  • Tools and equipment to support installation are ready on-site

  • Job schedules and daily report keep all work on track

  • Safety: we retain a record of zero installation incidents by utilizing a qualified, well-trained workforce guided by an experienced engineering chief who follows an established set of safety officer procedures. Proper supervision full time on site






Service                   Design & Engineering 


We are qualified and experienced in all aspects of installation and maintenance of industrial electrical equipment, field instrumentation, and control systems. We work with you to make sure major installations go smoothly. 


Our plant integration includes communication set-up between all equipment.  
In the manner of era modernized communication platforms such as ModBus, Rs485, Profibus, Fieldbus, TCP/IP, Fiber Optic, HART, GSM, and GPRS.

Modifications to plant facilities or infrastructure plant construction management including civil and utility installations to provide successful process automation and control system installation.