Product                3D Inventory Management System 


Measuring your inventory has never been easier and more accurate 


The company's inventory is extremely crucial to its operations. But with storage facilities across multiple sites in remote geographic locations, ensuring the accurate and reliable level measurement of bulk solid silos can be a challenging and time-consuming task. As such, businesses need an effective inventory control system that enables them to accurately monitor inventory levels wherever they are.

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Real-time information to eliminate financial loss 

Steel grain bins are susceptible to collapse due to uneven sidewall loading. Real-time monitoring
of volume and allocation of material provides early visual detection to greatly reduce maintenance costs, machine breakdown, and material loss.

Optimized inventory control

Accurate volume material measurement dramatically improves operational efficiency and management capabilities and translates into major cost savings and a fast return on investment. In short, knowing your inventory levels means waste is reduced, deliveries are optimized and the need for costly emergency fills is eliminated.

Enhanced safety with remote monitoring

By allowing managers to monitor the volume of stored materials remotely, we avoid the necessity of assigning maintenance or other personnel to this task, lowering costs and increasing productivity. More importantly, we minimize the risk of exposing staff to harsh conditions associated with certain storage environments.

ERP integration enables informed decision-making

We integrate our solutions with your ERP and other control systems so your production and business managers have access to rapidly changing real-life inventory conditions, enabling them to make informed and timely decisions that go right to the bottom line.

Serving a wide range of Markets

APM products enable efficient process measurement and true inventory management of bulk solid materials used in a broad range of industrial applications, including: Food Processing Grain, Seed & Feed Cement & Aggregates Chemical Processing Bioenergy Plastics Manufacturing Power-Coal, Fly Ash Pulp & Paper Petrochemicals Mining Metals